The Chimera Tales:
Fan-Fiction about Odo and Kira
by C. Zdroj (aka Odosgirl)
2nd Place (tied) Best DS9 Author
ASCEM GO Awards 2003



Odo/Kira Stories

"A Break in the Rain" (season 7, Odo/Kira, NC-17) -- Sex and intimate conversation during the Dominion War. This story works as a sort of prequel to "Holding and Letting Go," even though it wasn't written with that intent.

"Holding and Letting Go"
(season 7, Odo/Kira, NC-17) -- Set during the Dominion War. Kira reflects on her feelings for Odo after she learns that he may be dying.

"Closets and Close Secrets" (season 6, Odo/Kira, R) -- What Odo and Kira said to each other in that closet during "You Are Cordially Invited"
ASCEM GO Awards 2003 -- Honorable Mention, Odo/Kira Story

"The Creative Spark" (season 4 AU, Odo/Kira aka Douglas/Kay, NC-17) -- Not an Odo/Kira story in the traditional sense, this story is based on the characters in the episode "Far Beyond the Stars." Douglas and Kay deal with their reactions to Benny Russell's breakdown -- and with their feelings for each other.

"Edge of the World" (post-season 7, Odo/Kira, NC-17) --  A bittersweet reunion one year after "What You Leave Behind." Explicit sex, angst.

"Five Things That Never Happened to Odo"
(seasons 1-7, Odo/Kira, Odo/female changeling, Dukat, R) -- Five alternate universes, five things Odo didn't get to do in the canon--or perhaps, not exactly in the way that he does here.
ASCEM GO Award Winner 2003 -- 1st Place Best Odo/Kira Story

"Flying and Falling" (season 4-5 AU, Odo/Kira, NC-17) -- An AU "Odo as human" story set some time after "Body Parts" and "Broken Link." Kira helps out when Odo has some trouble adjusting to life as a human. Explicit sex, some vulgar language, angst, h/c, general mushiness advisory.

"Save the Stranger" (pre-season 1 AU, Odo/Kira, NC-17) -- What if Odo and Kira had become intimate at the time of their first meeting on the Cardassian space station Terok Nor?

"Sex, Faith and Questing After Visions" (season 7, Odo/Kira, NC-17) -- Kira's time among the pagh-wraith cultists leads to personal angst and some musings about religion.

ASCEM GO Award Winner 2003 -- 3rd Place Best Challenge Story, Overall Category

"Shapes in the Dark"
(season 6-7, Odo/Kira, R) -- A companion piece to "Links Broken and Forged." Kira reflects on her relationship with Odo.

"Links Broken and Forged" (season 6-7, Odo/Kira, R) -- A companion piece to "Shapes in the Dark." Odo reflects on his relationship with Kira.

"Touch" (season 6-7 AU, Odo/Kira, NC-17) -- Odo and Kira's relationship takes an interesting turn when Odo develops an unusual "condition."
ASCEM GO Award Winner 2003 -- 2nd Place Best Odo/Kira Story

"Waltz II" (season 6 AU, Odo/Kira, NC-17) -- While Sisko is off waltzing with Dukat, two of his crew members are engaged in a very different sort of dance.

Odo Stories

"Getting the Goods"
 (season 1-2, Odo/Quark, NC-17) -- Odo gets more than he bargained for during a routine search of Quark's quarters.
ASCEM GO Awards 2003 -- Honorable Mention, Other Slash, DS9 Category

"Warm Fuzzies" (season 5, Odo/Uhura, NC-17) -- Having traveled back in time to the TOS-era, along with the rest of DS9's crew, Odo does a little research on his new humanoid body--with some help from the original Enterprise's communications officer.

Trek Commentary

"'Idea and Sensation': The Uses of Telepathy in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"
-- Analysis of DS9's use of telepathy as both artistic and linguistic device, with special  attention to Sisko's communication with the Prophets and Odo's telepathic links with other changelings.


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