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Warm Fuzzies
by C. Zdroj

Chronology Note: This story is set during the ST:DS9 episode "Trials and Tribble-ations."


Whatever it was that he'd consumed at the bar had gone straight to his head. Odo wasn't even sure just exactly how he'd been coaxed up to the officers' quarters on board the Enterprise, but by now, the pair of tribbles they'd brought up with them were eating and purring together sociably in a corner of the cabin, and the lovely Lieutenant Uhura was doing some purring of her own, her lips brushing the base of Odo's throat.

For some reason, he just stood there, lightly swaying on his feet, doing nothing to discourage her. He couldn't think why.

"Let's see if we can't loosen you up just a little bit ..." she said softly, beginning to kiss her way up along his neck to his jawline, to nibble at his ear. Meanwhile her hands were moving lower, seeking even more vulnerable parts of his body to explore.

Odo gasped in shock as he felt his body respond immediately to the touch of Uhura's warm and inquisitive hands. Damnation! His Bajoran military-issue briefs suddenly felt painfully tight and constraining as his cock swelled eagerly, embarrassingly, within them.

Gritting his teeth, he managed to seize Uhura's hands and arrest their movements. "Lieutenant ... please, I ... this is not the ... not, er ... appropriate ..."

He was panting the words out even as his gaze was arrested suddenly by Uhura's warm, melting dark eyes. "After you came all the way up here with me? You mean to say you're not interested?" she asked softly--almost coyly. "Perhaps it's my decor," she teased.

"I mean I--I think perhaps we've both had a bit too much to drink--and ..."

Uhura managed to free one hand and carress Odo's cheek. "I knew you were a gentleman the moment I saw you. Or maybe you're just shy ... is that it?"

Her face--her body--was very close now, and Odo swallowed hard. She smelled delicious, earthy and sweet. Of course she would. She was human, just as he was. His new hormones were, evidently, fully attuned to and in synch with hers.

"I've always loved shy men," Uhura cooed softly. "You don't have to be shy around me, you know ..."

"It isn't that," Odo gasped, as his grip wavered and her other hand found its way to the bursting crotch of his trousers once more. "I just ... don't know if you'd ... respect me in the morning." It was a last-ditch, desperate, cliched excuse, and it proved no more effective than the others, as Uhura began to stroke him, slowly and lingeringly, through the fabric of his pants. Odo whimpered helplessly.  

"Looks like you've been depriving yourself for a while, love," she whispered sympathetically. "Why don't you just let me fix that?" She slipped his jacket off his shoulders, and it fell in a heap to the floor as she continued to fondle him.

Odo could no longer respond with any coherence. Indeed, he doubted that he would be able to walk properly if he tried to exit her quarters at this point. Additionally, he was no longer certain he wished to leave. He leaned against the wall, shivering, as Uhura undid the front fastening of his trousers and gently, gently drew them down, taking the undergarments with them, exposing his buttocks and allowing his cock to stand free.

"Oh my!" she exclaimed.

"Is ... something wrong?" Odo gasped.

"Wrong?" Uhura chuckled softly, drawing closer to him and stroking his cheek, running long, graceful fingers through his hair. "No, not at all ... I was just admiring your ... initiative." The palm of her hand grazed the underside of his erection very lightly. Odo shut his eyes and felt his chest heave. "It's very impressive ..." Uhura whispered against his ear. Her lips found his temple. He turned his head and suddenly his lips were pressed into hers. Her kiss was warm, sweet, dizzying. Her full, soft mouth captured his easily, her tongue slipped into his mouth, and sensible thought fled him. Warm hands slid gently up and down the length of his aching penis, rubbing the sensitive crown, slipping back his foreskin. Her fingers gently tickled his balls, wandered gently behind them to stoke along the valley between his buttocks.

"Oh ... you are just beautiful," Uhura breathed, stroking his hair as her kiss deepened, plunging into him and tasting eagerly. Odo thought he would faint, or collapse--or both.

She steered him back toward the bed, where he did fall--flat on his back in the narrow Starfleet bunk. Uhura straddled him easily, her long legs folding up underneath her as her mischeivous hands slid up underneath his striped tunic, teasing his nipples and making him groan with pleasure and pain as she worked the unflattering garment off him.

She peered down admiringly at his chest, stroking up over his smooth abdomen with her warm, brown hands. "There--I knew you'd be much prettier with that off." Her eyes became wide and innocent. "Now, how would you like to take a look at me?"

He nodded stupidly, and she reached back to take down her zipper, then pushed the tiny red Starfleet mini-dress up over her head, revealing a regal, shapely torso with full, round breasts. She took his hands and brought them up to touch her, showing his thumbs how to tease the dark brown nipples. Uhura arched her neck back and growled in pleasure as Odo's hands moved on her, kneading her breasts. She rubbed herself against his hard, trembling prick until he could feel the wetness seeping through her thin white panties. She leaned down and took him in a kiss, reaching deep into him, a silent demand.

His trembling hands groped awkwardly over her smooth, soft buttocks, pulling down the gauzy undergarments, then moving uncertainly between her thighs, his fingers exploring her soft, velvetly wetness.

"Not so fast, cowboy," she whispered into his ear, capturing one hand and placing it against her breast. "We want to do this nice--and--slow ..."

Her lips began to travel in a leisurely way down his torso, suckling at his nipples, licking and kissing her way down his body until he felt the warm velvet of her tongue passed slowly over the swollen, tender head of his cock. Odo cried out softly, tears starting into his eyes as her wet fingers slid once more behind his testes and pressed gently into the small opening of his rectum, a slow, tender invasion. He clamped around her while Uhura's mouth continued ravishing his cock, licking avidly over its length.

After of several minutes of this sweet torture, Uhura's fingers slipped out of Odo as gently as they had entered him. She moved over him, supple and lithe, covering his body with her own and rubbing the dark wet lips of her vulva over his pale, smooth cock. He tasted himself as her tongue ravished his mouth once again, and then he gasped as she took him forcefully between her thighs and impaled herself with a gasp of pleasure.

The two of them held still for a moment, shivering with delight. "Oh, that ... is ... wonderful," Uhura sighed in a throaty whisper. Her hips moved gently, pushing him deeper into her heat and causing them both to gasp. "Oh, baby," Uhura moaned, "I love the way you fill me up."

Odo could find no words. He could only groan as his hips strained involutarily upward, trapped between her thighs. Uhura keened in rapture as Odo surged into her. "Yes," she whispered, as if in some kind of trance, "... more, sweetheart. Let me feel you ..." Odo obliged her, moving with a strength of need he had never imagined possible. After a few experimental thrusts he became almost desperate, driving up into this woman's body with all the strength he possessed. She gripped his shoulders with her hands, gripped his cock with strong inner walls. She gasped with pleasure at each thrust. "Harder, sweetheart ... oh! That's it ... oh! More! Yes--harder!"

She shrieked with joy, and Odo groaned in agony as he spilled into her depths with sudden, unexpected force.

"Oh gods, oh prophets --" he panted, almost delerious with exhaustion. Uhura's lips found his and kissed him over and over, soothing, calming him, until he felt himself slip out of her.

Uhura grinned down at him. "That was pretty impressive, for a first try," she whispered, rubbing her lips over his brows and the bridge of his nose. "I don't suppose you'd care for another round?"

Odo shut his eyes, still gasping. "Another ...? I rather thought that ... humanoid bodies ... had certain ... limitations ..."

"Rules were made to be broken," purred Uhura seductively. Before he could utter a word of protest, her kisses were once more traveling slowly down his chest and lower, to his pelvis. Her hands cradled his now flacid cock while her lips brushed lightly over the organ. Odo gulped, surprised by how sensitive the damn thing still was. He would probably have to live for centuries in this stupid body before he figured out all of its quirks. He only knew that when Uhura's fingers slid between his buttocks to penetrate him a second time, he couldn't control the reaction. His back arched, his cock began to stir again, and he groaned uncontrollably.

"Do you want me to stop?" Uhura asked gently.

"No ... Prophets, no ..." Odo managed.

"Who are these Prophets you keep calling out to?" she teased gently. "Fertility gods maybe?" She blew on his penis and then began to run her tongue thoughtfully along its length, her fingers stroking inside him. Odo writhed and whimpered in delicious agony. It was several moments before he could actually form words and answer her.

"No ... they're just ... generic ... oooh, gods! I mean ... gods. As far as I can ... tell, that is ... oh!--oh, Prophets!"

"Well, they certainly do seem to reward their supplicants ... as far as I can tell ..." she observed with gentle humor.

At that moment, there was a soft trilling from somewhere on the floor. Uhura giggled. "Looks like someone's curious about what the grown-ups are doing." Her free hand moved deftly beside the bed, scooping up the errant tribble and plopping it down on Odo's chest. The creature's furry body vibrated with enthusiastic cooing and Odo almost laughed aloud at the additional sensations it caused.

Grinning wickedly, Uhura gently lifted the creature once more, and Odo became aware of something warm and furry and living being stroked lightly up and down the length of his cock. Uhura laughed softly as the creature's purring increased, along with the length and hardness of Odo's penis. "Oh ... Prophets ..." Odo moaned again.

"I think she likes you," Uhura teased, "... unfortunately, I'm afraid I'm too greedy to share ..."

Setting the tribble back on the floor and fondly shooing it away, Uhura brought her attention back to Odo's cock, putting her lips around his crown and sucking avidly while her tongue gently polished him. Odo moaned and twisted in exquisite agony. One of her fingers was still up his ass, lightly stroking. He thought for a moment he'd die of pleasure, and then realized he didn't care. Finally her mouth released him, and she grasped his aching prick with one hand. Her deft fingers brushed up along his length, lightly gripping his crown, then circling it with a gentle twist-motion, almost if she were opening a bottle. This proved to be Odo's undoing.


He groaned in shock as he came again, spraying fluid all over Uhura's hands and his own chest.

From the way that she kissed him afterwards, he knew the night was still young ... very young. He heard the tribbles purring faintly in the background and was able to focus on them for about two seconds before his attention was diverted again ...


He wasn't sure what time it was when he finally, regretfully, crawled out of Uhura's bed, feeling depleted, slightly dizzy, and wonderfully refreshed. His mouth was still full of the flavor of her--her lips and tongue, her sweat, the sweetness he'd discovered between her thighs when she'd showed him how to taste her there.

He paused for a moment to gaze at her lovely sleeping form. She looked peaceful and satiated--and exquisitely beautiful. Feeling a surge of deep affection and gratitude toward her, Odo reached out and gently smoothed a lock of stray hair away from her forehead. It really would have been the polite thing to wake her and say goodbye, but ... he almost feared that if he did that, he'd be pulled back into her bed again and never leave this time period. Hmmm ... given his current odds with Nerys or anyone else back on the station, it was not an unappealing thought. He might have been tempted to ignore duty, had a tribble not purred rather insistently at that moment.

"Oh, all right, all right --" Odo muttered. "You win." He leaned down to drop a kiss on Uhura's warm, smooth cheek, then dressed as hurriedly as he could--considering the aching stiffness that still lingered in his buttocks and thighs. He supposed ruefully that there might be such a thing as too much pleasure for one night. "I won't be able to sit for a week," he grumbled, pulling the ugly period clothing back on. The pants in particular seemed horribly confining as he--very carefully--zippered and buttoned them back up.

He did pause to leave a note on her desk, on the rather romantic-looking paper stationary there, adorned with flowers and musical instruments.

"Lieutenant ..." he wrote, then crumpled the note and shoved it into his pocket. Good grief--he couldn't address her by rank after all that ... activity. He tried again.

"My Dear Uhura--Thank you for a lovely evening. I won't ever forget it--or you. Perhaps we'll meet again. I hope so."

He frowned at the note. It was far from satisfactory, but he had never been good at this sort of thing, and there was the time-line to think of--if he hadn't already ruined it with this little erotic adventure. Best not to sign his own name, he decided. Instead he signed himself, "A fellow appreciator of tribbles."

His mouth quirked downward as he looked at the moniker. Far too whimsical. But there was no time for a rewrite. He rose, scooped up one of the tribbles in the corner of the room--yes, that brown one looked like the one Jones had sold him--and let himself out of the room. As he stroked the purring creature, it occured to him that he and Uhura had only brought two up to the ship. Yet this one had been extracted from a pile of at least a dozen. How did those things breed anyway? He shook his head. Perhaps Bashir would have a notion. He'd certainly done enough biological research of his own for one night.

Oh well, he thought ruefully, at least his fantasy life would be a bit richer now.

With a last whistful look at Uhura's door, he strode down the corridor, seeking a way off the Enterprise. The tribble clasped to his chest purred gently over his heart.
~the end~

Author's Notes: This story was originally written for OdoGoddess's Odo Smut Fest, where it originally appeared back in 2001. It has also appeared on the Rene Auberjonois Adult Fanfic List.